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Bayt.com Community Service

At Bayt.com we believe in the collective benefit of Doing Good.

As part of Bayt.com's ongoing process of realizing our vision to be an Admired, Respected and Indispensable extension of people's lives in the region, and to give back to the communities we serve, Bayt.com has launched several community outreach initiatives and is regularly involved in charitable projects that enrich the region we live in and the world.

Examples of Bayt.com's Charitable Projects

Bayt.com sponsors orphans from all over the world on behalf of each and every employee with a long serving history at Bayt.com.

Bayt.com donates a fixed percentage of its revenues every year to a wide variety of charities around the region and has been doing so since inception.

Bayt.com offers free job postings, recruiting services and select banner advertising services to select reputable charitable organisations with clearly established mandates. Doing good requires good people. At Bayt.com we are about helping you find them. Simply email us at charity@bayt.com to enquire about this valuable opportunity. The following are just a few of the Charitable organisations that have benefited from our Charitable Services programs - , , , , , , the Goodwill Journey.

A CV Service for the Unemployed Outreach Program offers unemployed professionals in the countries we work in the chance to win a free CV Service through our dedicated CV Services division. Please visit the relevant pages on the site to learn more.

Bayt.com's University Outreach Program offers Universities around the region roadshows to educate the student body about preparing for the workplace. Universities can select and have previously benefited from a range of Bayt.com face-to-face tutorials including How to Write a CV, How to Approach a Job-hunt Successfully, Basic Interview Skills and many others.

Bayt.com's 2009 Unemployment CV Clinic was a highly successful 2 week long initiative designed to help promote employment in the region by giving free professional CV and job-hunting consultations to unemployed professionals. The clinics were open to all unemployed professionals and were held throughout the day at DIC.

Bayt.com empowered Goumbook鈥檚 Green 库博体育直播: In 2010, Bayt.com fully powered Goumbook鈥檚 "Green 库博体育直播" section which allowed talented job seekers and employers belonging to the green industries to find and connect with each other anywhere in the MENA region and beyond.

Bayt.com was a key sponsor as "Strategic Career Partner" of the 8th CSR Summit organized by IIR Middle East. This event was a pioneering CSR event in the Middle East region and shed light on the importance of doing good, providing workshops to help participants optimize their CSR leadership skills and network with international CSR business leaders.

Bayt.com sponsored team that climbed Mount Kili raised money for the Palestine Children Relief Fund (PCRF) at just over USD530,000 in total! The money will be used to treat up to 2500 sick and injured children in Palestine and across the Middle East- wherever there is urgent need for funds, that is where the money will go.

Bayt.com sponsored IAVE鈥檚 first Regional Volunteer Conference for the Arab Nations (International Association for Volunteer Effort) as the Strategic Career Partner the IAVE was an event that stresses on the importance of volunteerism and the benefits of developing and improving corporate volunteer programs in the Middle East and explained how these practices would help promote the region.

Bayt.com is a key sponsor as "Strategic Career Partner" of the newly launched "Pure Heart Program" founded in 2011 to help cancer patients get back to their working lives by reentering the workforce and becoming an active member of society, as well as raise awareness on the importance of supporting cancer patients and encouraging corporations to take CSR initiatives toward this cause.

Bayt.com supported in 2012 the Emirates NBD "Pay Yourself First" initiative as a "Strategic Career Partner", an innovative financial education campaign designed to encourage individuals to manage their finances responsibly, and improve their personal saving habits.

Bayt.com is leading a "Career Comeback Morning Coffee" initiative to empower women in the workplace, particularly women who have left the workforce and wish to re-enter. Those sessions take place twice a month at Dubai Marina Mall, are open to everyone, and are designed to provide jobseekers with job opportunities, career facts and tips.

Standard Chartered Marathon- Dubai on Jan 20th 2012 This is a yearly marathon organized by Standard Chartered Bank and all proceeds from the marathon are donated to different charity organizations. Bayt.com employees participated in this event.

Terry Fox Run- Qatar on 11th of Feb 2012 The Terry Fox Run is an annual non-competitive charity event held in numerous regions around the world in commemoration of activist , and his Marathon of Hope, and to raise money for research. Bayt.com employees participated in this event.

Al Noor Family Fun Fair- Dubai on 2nd of March 2012 The Al Noor Training Center in Dubai caters to children with special needs from different nationalities between the ages of 3 鈥 18 years. A funfair is organized every year to raise funds for children enrolled in this school. The event was a mini-carnival with a variety of activities including all-time favorites such as face painting, bouncy castles, games, rides, bazaars, quizzes, raffle draws and other recreational activities. Baytheads were successful in participating and raising funds for this event.

Dead Sea Marathon 鈥 Jordan Thursday, 22nd March 2012. This was a fun run and all proceeds from this marathon were donated to The Society for the Care of Neurological Patients.

Ramadan campaign (CSR Drive)-Jordan Ramadan 2012 This was an initiative organized by the team at Bayt.com Jordan, where non-perishable food items (canned, rice, seeds, flour, etc.) were collected, packed and distributed to needy families.

Ramadan Iftar for Orphans- Jordan 6th Aug 2012 This was a wonderful initiative organized by the team at Bayt.com Jordan, who organized a beautiful Iftar for more than 100 orphans from the Jerash refugee camp.

鈥楽ave a Tree鈥 campaign- Jordan 2012 This was a green initiative organized by the team at Bayt.com Jordan. The team at Bayt.com Jordan contacted 鈥淏as Wara2 Initiative鈥 and requested them to provide trash containers for recycling. These special boxes will be used by employees to get rid of scratch papers, glass and plastic containers.

Think Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Event - Abu Dhabi October 2012 The Bayt.com Abu Dhabi team organized this breast cancer awareness event for the month of October which is the Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Bayt.com has been a "Strategic Career Partner" for the Pure Heart Program (founded in 2011) to help cancer survivors get back to their working lives by re-entering the workforce, as well as raise awareness on the importance of supporting cancer patients and encouraging other firms to take CSR initiatives toward this cause. Bayt.com has also offered free career and CV consultancy to cancer patients at the Pure Heart Job Fair, held every year since 2011, during the month of October (October 2013).

Bayt.com conducted a seminar jointly with Thomson-Reuter on 鈥楨ssential Job Search and Interview Tips鈥 for cancer patients and cancer survivors who wish to re-enter the workforce, as part of the Pure Heart program (October 2013).

Bayt.com played host to the Al Noor Training Centre for Children with Special Needs to set up their Corporate Bazaar at the Bayt.com Dubai HQ in May 2013. Proceeds from sales of hand-crafted items made by the children at Al Noor Centre were aimed to help the centre in its efforts.

Funding start-up entrepreneurs in Gaza with Gaza Sky Geeks: Bayt.com sponsored the first Gaza Sky Geeks first Entrepreneurs in Residence program. Gaza Sky Geeks provides a nurturing environment for Gaza entrepreneurs so that they may innovate to the best of their abilities in a conflict-ridden area. Bayt.com provided funds and mentorship.

Dubai Labour Camp Food Drive:Bayt.com's UAE office prepared food packages and bags of toiletries for labour workers in Dubai and delivered them.

Bayt.com Engineering Scholarships at Birzeit University:Bayt.com supports engineering students at Birzeit University in Palestine with a scholarship that covers the final year鈥檚 tuition fees of three students from the Computer Systems Engineering department. The students were selected based on their financial needs and academic record, and through the university itself. In addition to covering the tuition fees in their final year at university, the scholarship will provide the students with training and internship opportunities upon completion of their degree.

Bayt.com IT Scholarships at Princess Sumaya University for Technology: Bayt.com supports IT students at Princess Sumaya University (PSUT) in Jordan. Two students enrolled in their final year are awarded a scholarship to cover full tuition fees. The scholarship also provides students with training and internship opportunities upon completion of their degree.

"Keep Them Warm" Blanket Drive:1,505 blankets were purchased by Baytheads in an internal drive to collect donations aimed at spreading warmth across different areas in Jordan. With the help of Mercy Corps, hundreds of Syrian refugees and disadvantaged Jordanians received thick, winter blankets.

Welfare Association Mustaqbali Program:The Mustaqbali Program aims to empower the children of Gaza who were orphaned in the 2008/2009 war. Through this program, Bayt.com has taken 25 young orphans under its wing, providing them with the financial means to live an adequate standard of living, have access to healthcare, education as well as social and recreational activities.

Al-Aman Fund: Bayt.com, through The Queen Rania Foundation's Al-Aman Fund for the Future of Orphans, currently sponsors an orphan's university education. The program covers everything that a student needs for two years of university, including tuition, accommodation, medical insurance as well as monthly allowances for things such as stationary, transportation and living expenses, with the hope of providing disadvantaged youth with the skills they need to lead successful and independent lives.

Feed Your Soul: Bayt.com launched an internal fundraising campaign to aid hungry homeless children trapped in besieged towns in Syria directly through a top global NGO. The initiative aimed to collect donations to deliver food and humanitarian assistance to civilians in towns in vital need. Feed Your Soul raised a total of AED 36,425 which were delivered to the World Food Program who deliver aid in conflict areas.

Rabea Ataya, CEO
Rabea Ataya, CEO